A Shadow Work archetypal journey, followed by an integrative Rebirthing Breathwork session; an all-day workshop designed to embrace & breathe into your whole Self…

About the Workshop:

Discover how you can reclaim your personal power and your authentic self. The day will include an introduction to the Archetypal Realm of Shadow Work. This will help you understand and begin your journey to reclaim sovereignty in certain aspects of your life such as; your ability to make decisions, to create and hold strong boundaries, to connect with self and others in a healthy and more authentic way, to understand how and why you operate the way you do and much more…

You will begin to understand what The Shadow is and how vital it is to meet our Shadows in a way that is conducive to our evolution, our growth, our sense of well-being and wholeness. You will also be introduced to Rebirthing Breathwork and receive a full session to complete the day. This will serve to integrate the day’s learning and give you an opportunity to release that, which you may be ready to release on the day.

What is Rebirthing?
Rebirthing – Conscious Breathing is a breathwork therapy that revitalises and rejuvenates the body, refreshes the mind, delights the soul and enlivens our actions and relationships!
This specific breathing technique leads you to have an experience in your body, that gently and consciously releases memories, stress and blockages, creating space for changes in your life. Most people use only a fraction of their lung capacity, even more now because of the pandemic, breathing in a shallow manner and barely expanding the ribcage. They breathe just to survive.
Conscious Breathing is also an invitation for you to relearn how to breathe by connecting you with your own breath. By simply improving your breath you get a chance to enhance your quality of life.

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Facilitators Bio:

Ma Prem PURNIMA is a Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator with 20 years of experience, extensively trained by Anand Ramyata, Samvara Bodewig and Bob Mandel. She is the founder of the Rebirthing Club of London(2012). She has been travelling and taking her work to many countries such as Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil and Bali. She has also been an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Teacher and Practitioner since 1997. Currently based in London & Cornwall, she works at Bodywise Health Centre, Triyoga and is a team member of Carolyne Ji Detox Retreats. She collaborates with the Terra Mirim Movement, and follows the path of Mother Goddess Shamanism, under the guidance of XamAM (Alba Maria).
Tel: (+44) 07411 858488

FAN Lebel is a certified Shadow Work(R) Coach, Bodywork Practitioner and Energy Healer, with a wealth of experience facilitating group/community circles and One to One sessions.
Fan started her self-awareness journey from the age of 19 with many years spent engrossed in the Vipassana Meditation technique as taught by SN Goenka. In 2004, she then trained as a Life Coach with Noble Manhattan and did a diploma in Nutrition with the School of Natural Health Sciences. She also trained as a Thai Masseuse with the ITM School of Massage in 2008. She took part in the Women in Power Initiation Program in 2011, became a contributing member and began her Shadow Work training shortly after with John & Nicola Kurk (now under the umbrella of ShadowWork.EU) She began a mentorship with Pippa Bondy to learn the practice of Council in 2012 (European Council Network & Ojai Foundation) A couple of years later began her training in Biofield Energy & Sound Healing with Akasha Sananda & Christof Melchizedek. Over the last few years, her own source connection is bringing forth innate abilities with Light Language, Sacred Geometry and Intuitive Channeling. She has also recently completed her Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Training with Ma Prem Purnima in the Kusum Modak Tradition.
Tel: (+44) 07702 814006


Strawbale Studio, SG13 8NE

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