Lymphatic Drainage is a massage performed with gentle pressures that drive fluids from the body through the vessels of the lymphatic system to be eliminated later on by the urine.

Its benefits are numerous, as it:

  • Prevents cellulite and helps to clear toxins that form nodules of fat. Consequently, it eliminates swelling in the body, improves blood circulation and increases skin oxygenation in the short term;
  • Fights premenstrual symptoms, which start 15 days before periods and end at the beginning of the menstrual flow. PMS symptoms are: irritability, mood swings, insomnia, sugar cravings, anxiety, depressive behavior, impulsiveness, confusion, fatigue, swelling of the body, lower back pain, increased temporary weight and migraine; and
  • Reduces water retention during pregnancy.

Lymphatic Drainage is a great tool for reaching or maintaining a healthy weight, balanced appearance and glow, especially when combined with the right dietary changes, level of physical activity and cosmetic awareness.

Purnima suggests using the Firming Body Cream and Frankincense Toning Body Cream from Neal’s Yard as a post-massage treatment, to prolong its effects.

This unique massage is available and beneficial to all, but does require a prescription for pregnant women and patients with post-surgical conditions.


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