The official 84 hours of MODAK INSTITUTE  Training


About The Modak Institute

Master Kusum Modak launched the Modak Institute (MI) in November 2019, achieving a lifelong dream to guarantee the legacy of her work for future generations. MI is the first and only legal entity authorised by Kusum Modak herself.  Prem Purnima, one of Kusum Modak’s senior teachers, was invited to contribute to the development of the Institute and became one of the Founding Board Members. To learn more about Modak Institute’s history, mission, vision and values and more, please follow this link: Modak Institute. Purnima is also honoured to be the representative of the Modak Institute in the U.K.

The MI board, under the direct guidance of our Master, have been working relentlessly to bring forth the art of Master Kusum Modak’s work in its pristine entirety and accuracy, clearing any distortions and edits that may have deviated from the practice of her teachings over time. MI ensures a streamlined delivery of the work, faithful to its original form from now on into the future. 

This November 2022 Purnima brings the very first official Modak Institute Training to the UK! 

Students will have the opportunity to absorb the teachings of Prem Purnima, as taught by Master Kusum Modak with MI’s certification, affiliation, and official MI Manual. Purnima was extensively trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapeutic Massage both in her native Brazil and in India, where she was directly trained by Master Kusum. Purnima has already dedicated 24 years of her life to this path.

About the Modak MCobra squareethod

Kusum Modak Method – Ayurvedic Yoga Therapeutic Massage is a special bodywork therapy that combines ancient Indian massage with stretches inspired by Iyengar Yoga. It is a deep and vigorous treatment which uses the rhythms of one’s breath as a compass. This vast technique combines hundreds of movements that unlock sensations and energies, releasing tensions and eliminating toxins, acting as a powerful healer for posture alignment, fatigue, panic attack, distress or any kind of physical or emotional pain. Furthermore, it helps to return the body and mind to their natural equilibrium and state of well-being.



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Who can do the Training?

The MI Training is designed for you if you want to become a professional bodywork practitioner or if you are an existing practitioner looking to add to your practice another powerful treatment offering. It is also for you if you are simply curious about the healing power of touch as a way to look after your family and your loved ones. In addition to your desire to learn the art of the Kusum Modak℠ Method – Ayurvedic Yoga Therapeutic Massage, you may also be drawn to this training if you are seeking a deeper connection to self, nature and community. This training is a great opportunity to treat and nourish yourself as well because you will receive the technique intensively as part of the course. While you are learning and practising, your body will get stronger, you will develop better body consciousness and connect more with your intuition, learning to listen better to your soul and your needs.


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About the Training

This is the 84 hours of training, following the modular Modak Institute’s training format that includes 80 hours of contact time and 4 hours of complimentary talks, spread over three weekends( full days, Friday to Sunday, 4,5,6 – 18,19,20 – 25,26,27 of Nov/22). 

This hands-on training covers theoretical and practical content, working with deep inquiry and exploring the Kusum Modak℠ Method by experiencing it intensively.

This is a great route to becoming a bodywork therapist if you learn best in a hands-on, practical environment. You will be giving and receiving the work from day one. The training works as a research laboratory where you will dive deep into experimenting with the Kusum Modak℠ Method.

The training covers the technique in its full and original form, honouring its creator, master Kusum Modak and her Institute.

There are three parts to the learning process:

  • Observation: Explanation & demonstration of content;
  • Action: In pairs, the practice of the content is demonstrated;
  • Integration: Internalising what was taught through direct experience.

The training includes four hours of talks (Demystifying the Kusum Modak℠ Method, Anatomy and Physiology, SOAP note and Health History, and Holistic Medical Systems), supervised practice, review of content with Q&A, guidance on the use of props, applied anatomy, subtle anatomy, ethics, pathology and case studies, contraindications, postural correction, and practices for the welfare of the student.



  • Introduction to the basics of the technique (structure & practice);
  • Kusum Modak℠ Method history and influential contributors;
  • Introduction of Ayurveda Principles;
  • The elements of the Kusum Modak℠ Method – AYTM
  • The seven steps of the massage sequence;
  • Learning to warm up the muscles;
  • Use of hands and feet (walking on the back);
  • Understanding the quality of the touch to perform Kusum Modak℠ Method;
  • Using massage props (why and when to use them);
  • Manoeuvres and stretching – how to apply and its variations;
  • Synchronisation of the pressure and breath;
  • Learning to set up a 1-hour sequence (which is the original duration) that will serve the needs of each client;
  • Applied anatomy to the technique and subtle anatomy, pathology and application of the studied content;
  • Client Assessment protocols. Why the medical history form is essential?;
  • Contraindications;
  • Postural correction and student welfare practices (preparing the body for delivery)
  • Review with Q&A
  • Supervised Practice (individual correction, gaining accuracy)
  • How to maintain health + wellbeing as a bodywork therapist.


Modak Institute accredits Purnima’s training, and the MI will issue the certificates with a digital code that makes it easier for anybody worldwide to check your credentials and affiliation.

The Certification will be granted to all students who complete their entire training, including the final assessment. 


Early Bird: £ 1650* until 15th September

Standard Rate: £ 1870*

Refresh: £ 850

* Instalments plan available.


Brixton, London SW2

How to Apply

Please contact us at  for an application form and to reserve your place in this training.


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