Purnima’s AYM Massage training is designed to you perform it professionally, but you are welcome to join us if you looking for a new skill to share with your family. Also, the training is a great opportunity to treat yourself as you will intensively receive the technique in those days.  While you are learning and practising your body will get stronger, you will wake up body consciousness and connect more with your intuition, learning to listen better your soul and your needs. It’s a beautiful path of transformation, healing, raising self-esteem and self-love.


The AYM Full Training includes 63 hours of contact time. This is a hands on training that covers both theoretical and practical content, working as a research laboratory where the AYM technique is experienced intensively. Some alternative therapies such as meditation, wake up basic yoga practice, dynamics and breathwork may will be offered to the group as support to the student’s learning process. The training covers the technique in its full and original form, maintaining fidelity to the creative source, Kusum Modak. It includes supervised practice, review of content with Q&A, guidance on the use of props, applied anatomy, subtle anatomy, pathology and case studies, contraindications, postural correction and practices for the welfare of the student. Students receive a manual with photos and an certificate at the end of the course.


The learning process occurs through three dynamics:

  • Explanation/ demonstration of content (Observation);
  • In pairs, the practice of the content demonstrated (Action);
  • The internalization of what was taught through experiencing in the body (Reception).

Full Training

Includes a total of 63 hours of contact time of theoretical and practical content. No prerequisites are required from students for this phase and at its completion, you will be able to perform a complete sequence of the technique and all the variations to attend the individual needs of your client at a professional level.

Certificates of participation will be given to the student who completes this phase. Some of the content that will be given in this training are:

  • Introduction to the basics of the technique (structure and practice);
    • the elements of AYM
  • The seven steps of the massage sequence
    • Learning to warm up the muscles;
    • Use of hands, forearms, elbows and feet (walking in the back);
    • Understanding the quality of the touch to perform AYM;
  • Using massage props (why and when to use them);
  • Manoeuvres and stretching – how to apply and its variations;
    • Synchronisation of the pressure and breath;
  • Learning to set up a 1 hour sequence (which is the original duration) that will serve the needs of each client;
  • Anatomy applied to the technique and subtle anatomy, pathology and application of the studied content;
  • Why is the anamnesis form essential?
    • Basic Anatomy applied to the technique and subtle anatomy;
  • Contraindications;
  • Postural correction and student welfare practices (preparing the body for labour)
  • Review with Q&A
  • Supervised Practice (individual correction, gaining accuracy)
  • The need for meditation and yoga to a massage therapist.



Learning Stars Montessori School

85 Wembley Park Drive



Early bird £1150 until 31 March
After that paying the total in a goal £1200.
Consult for Instalments to be paid until 20th of May.




ADVANCED – Coming soon!

Prerequisites: completion of the AYM Full Training

The Advanced Training is the opportunity to deepen the technique in its scope and complexity. After mastering the practice learned AYM Full Training, students reach the necessary maturity to start an advanced practice of stretches and maneuvers