“Purnima is a very gifted and skilled Ayurvedic Yoga Masseuse. I am always impressed with her ability to instruct you through the motions and positions whilst maintaing complete relaxation. The feeling during and after an Ayurvedic massage is like nothing else I have experienced with other massages. Ayurvedic massage is now a regular routine in my life and I always look forward to the next session with Purnima.”
John Reid, IT Engineer



“Getting a massage with Purnima is a unique and powerful experience. She is a truly gifted massage therapist and she beautifully communicates her holistic view of the body and mind. Her every gesture, from the initial chat, to the carefully chosen oils, massage and final relaxation/mediation, are filled with love, warmth and care. The breathing technique that she uses during the entire massage is singular but accessible to everyone, and adds to the richness of the experience. During the massage, she engages with the body organically and somehow finds a way to let your energy flow naturally. She has taught me to listen, recognize and cherish the true sensations in my body and find responses to emotions and pain. She is also full of amazing health tips. But what I appreciate the most is that I can come to her in any given state of mind or physical disposition. She embraces it and finds the perfect way to invigorate, cleanse and release my energy, and it always feels so right. I would not trade my massages with Purnima for anything; they are this world’s best-kept secret! And she is herself one of the kindest and most loving and authentic person I have met.”
Catherine Métayer, Magazine Editor



“I’ve got to recommend my dear friend and therapist  Purnima Lílian Cordeiro. She gave me a ayurveda yoga massage yesterday that really sorted me out. I love our sessions, Pur. You are fabulous!!! Thank you”
Carolyne Ratund, Naturopath Nutritionist



“Dear Purnima,
Thank you for restoring me back to health time and time again! Your regular ayurvedic bodywork sessions after the birth of my son has helped me ease into my new body, keep my mind open and responsive, my body flexible and my emotions flowing. From lower back and pelvic pain to carpal tunnel, stiff neck and frozen shoulders, knee damage and extreme sleep deprivation… I have found your therapy sessions put me into a sublime state of deep relaxation and healing. I enjoy every session immensely and am greatly aware of your focus, skill and intuitive presence, these qualities that you must have cultivated over many years of experience. I can’t recommend you highly enough!
Lots of love, Kathryn”
Kathryn Riley, Designer