All microcosms and living things in this universe march to a certain rhythm. Just like the Earth has seasons, we, human beings have our own particular rhythm; this subtle music that continually vibrates through our bodies. And the breath acts as the compass, conducting the pace of our lives. Any disharmony in the physical and emotional body has an immediate effect on the breath, and vice versa. All of the unconscious feelings that we suppress consume a lot of our vital energy and create contractions in the breath. These tensions multiply and naturally imprint themselves in the body. They build into physical blockages and imbalances that manifest in the form of gastritis, ulcers, insomnia, back problems, stress, depression, etc. And before we know, our inner music becomes out of sync.


All therapies have their own breathing techniques. Rebirthing, also known as Breath Work Therapy, uses a distinct form of conscious breathing and relaxation to gently release the accumulated baggage of tensions, resistances, harmful emotional patterns and suppressed memories. It creates inner space for transforming ourselves, liberating our true self-expression and developing our inner potential.

The breath helps to maintain the presence in a meditative state and works as an inner massage that revitalizes and rejuvenates the body, refreshes the mind and help recover the physical and emotional essential well being. This simple, yet powerful technique offers a natural way to manage stress and disengage behavioral patterns by putting trust in the healing power of our own breath.

Rebirthing was originally developed in the 1970’s by Leonard Orr in America. Orr had a unique experience that altered his consciousness at a sauna house, and while doing further research, he realized that breathing consciously and extensively builds up energy in the body and enables extraordinary powers. Orr developed this technique as a way of healing traumas from his life, especially from his own birth. The breathing experience that he designed grew in popularity and today over 10 million of individuals practice it around the world.

Prem Purnima (Lílian Cordeiro de Melos) was instructed in different variations of the technique from 2000 to 2003 by Anand Ramyata and Samvara Bodewig, Rebirthing pioneers in Brazil, whose approach is infused with the teachings of the Osho Master. She dedicated 3 years to assisting them in their trainings and promoting their work in Bahia (Brazil). In partnership with the therapist Dhyan Ida, she also coordinated regular Rebirthing groups and created the New Moon project, offering free monthly Rebirthing group sessions. She received additional training by Leonard Orr’s disciple, Robert Mandel, in 2008, and an advanced training by Anand Ramyata in 2009.

Purnima continues to develop her professional practice by participating in Rebirthing therapist workshops. In London, she gathered the first Rebirthing team and founded the Rebirthing Club of London in 2012.

A very first Rebirthing session always starts with a medical history and a 30 minute induction, while the therapist talks you through the technique and experience. The session itself takes on average one and a half hours during which the therapist is always fully present and supportive. Whilst Rebirthing can be practiced sitting down, walking or even floating on water, it is best for the first 20 sessions at least to experience it lying down. The therapist will use music to divide the session between a warm up, the main breathing experience and its peak, and a final relaxation. During the entire Rebirthing session, one should breathe consciously through the mouth (recommended for the first 20 sessions) or the nose only, and connect the inhale and exhale in a continuous breathing cycle. As the breathing goes on, the body will build up energy and find an active rhythm and flow.

During the session, physical, emotional and mental reactions may occur. Each session is different, and all of these reactions, or non-reactions, are part of the healing process. At all times, it is important to surrender to what the body’s intelligence feels ready to discharge and carry on breathing. The breath is the key to liberating suppressed tensions and feelings, and regaining your freedom of conscience.

After a session, you should feel very relaxed, clear minded and revitalized, and find lightness and fluidity in your body. For some, this relaxation will remain for days whilst for others, it will come with more distinct realisations and insights in various life contexts and specific situations.

As you continue with the sessions, you should start feeling more benefits, improve your presence and your breathing, and see how Rebirthing is affecting your general well being, communication and relationships.

Each Rebirthing session offers a unique and personal experience. Among many other benefits, it has proven to:

On the physical level

  • Restore the respiratory capacity and cleanse the lungs
  • Bring more oxygen in the body and reinforce the immune system
  • Provide awareness of the potential of the breath
  • Increase the body’s vitality
  • Regularize bodily functions and the connection with your center
  • Help maintain and rehabilitate health


On the emotional and mental levels

  • Help overcome trauma and emotional obstacles
  • Release harmful patterns and energy blockage
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Improve emotional balance and mind clarity
  • Promote relaxation and wellness
  • Increase determination and willpower to make decisions
  • Better self-esteem, self-confidence and joy of living
  • Liberate creative and latent potentials
  • Promote a deeper connection with the self
  • Create a sense of connection to a oneness and of belonging in the world
  • Help cultivate loving relationships
  • Give the tools to create the life that you want and be exactly who you truly are.


The term Rebirthing refers to the possibility of accessing deeply suppressed memories of the birth experience, when committing to conscious breathwork for a certain period of time. Releasing the birth trauma can have a hugely positive impact in someone’s life, and it has become a significant aspect of the Rebirthing movement. Some practitioners make this the focus of their work whilst others develop a different approach. For the latter, the term Rebirthing evokes the revitalizing sensation of lightness and freedom in the mind and body after a session. A new posture that can literally be experienced as a rebirth, hence the name.

Rebirthing is absolutely safe, and the role of the therapist is to make sure that you feel secure and supported during the entire session in order for you to get the most out of your experience.

Breathwork attracts a wide range of people — of all ages and gender. Some people come to Rebirthing sessions out of curiosity, after having read or heard about it and wanting to try it for themselves. Some others may have a specific issue or condition they wish to work on. Conscious breathwork is a very versatile tool, capable of addressing all sorts of issues ranging from stress, self-esteem issues, trauma to physical pains or migraines. (Please refer to the Benefits section)

Conscious breathwork is based on the premise that pain in the body and illnesses are caused by unresolved emotional issues. During the session, the breathing draws a lot of vital energy in the body, congregates in the areas of blockages and can release physical pain. After a few sessions, other symptoms like asthma or epilepsy can start clearing up as well, sometimes permanently.

The overall experience is not tiring because the body takes over the action naturally, and leads the way. However, it is possible for some people to feel sleepy or tired. All of the sensations you may experience, including these ones, are manifestations of the resistances in your subconscious. You only need to put your attention in your breath. This way, there is no chance of falling asleep. The role of the therapist is to make sure that you stay focused and awake.

Yes you can. But you can only maintain this intention until you reach a stage where you have to surrender to your breath and then the work is beyond your control. The wisdom of your body guides the process and liberates only what is available for you within that session.

Rebirthing was designed as a self-help therapy, but the experience has shown that the presence of a therapist is indispensable. People who try breathing by themselves for the whole length of a session fall into sleeping or relaxation modes, but not in the practice of Rebirthing. It is a natural reaction of the body to protect itself when one reaches the resistances of the subconscious by assuming that the person is not capable of coping with the unknown. The practitioner’s presence during the session is essential to respond to any need of support and to help deal with the higher level of physical and emotional intensity that the breathwork induce to the body and mind. The therapist’s experience as a dedicated breathworker can also help create a positive practice environment. It is only after a substantial amount of sessions that you will be ready to start practicing Self-Rebirthing.

The therapist does not prescribe a number of sessions because Rebirthing was designed to be a self-help therapy in the first place. The client can determine autonomously when to stop. However, I strongly recommend a one a week, with at least 15 to 20 sessions to ensure an in-depth treatment. The first sessions might me more intense physically as the first blockages in the subconscious are released, and this is why the presence of a practitioner is important, until you reach a level where you can confidently practice and integrate this invaluable tool in your life.

In principle, there are no contraindications, but it is not recommended in some particular situations when the client has a fever, a cold, a viral infection or if the blood pressure is very high at the time of the session. Also, people with kidney problems should be observed more closely by the therapist. Rebirthing is a process of deep cleansing for the mental but also the physical body, and if the kidney does not function properly, it can become overwhelmed with toxins. But for those with no kidney problems, breathwork acts as a powerful and revitalizing inner ‘Spring cleanse’!

The introductory session is an occasion to investigate the personal history, and the client will be asked to fill out a medical history form. In some particular cases such as individuals with a heavy history of drug use, prescribed medication or asthma should refrain from practicing, but these conditions do not generally interfere. On the contrary, some asthma sufferers have been able to reduce their medication, with the permission of their doctor, after starting the sessions. Also, breathwork can be very beneficial to pregnant women in dealing with the emotional needs that may occur during that period.

Breathwork helps reach a level of emotional release that is incomparable with other therapies, such as a traditional conversational psychotherapy, which uses the mental activity to discuss emotional blockages. Breathwork includes counseling but does not rely on dialogue. It does not require you to understand the conscious mind. This allows you to go faster and deeper into releasing subconscious patterns and blockages. That being said, as with any other therapies, the resolution will progress only when the client feels ready to do so. Also, in comparison with therapies with a physical approach where the client lays passive, Rebirthing requires an active and autonomous practice of breathwork. It is an empowering experience of self-healing!

‘I believe that when we are aware of our breath, we can empower ourselves and change our lives’

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