ReikiReiki is the ancient oriental art of stimulating the body’s natural healing process, by means of the laying of hands over the physical body. “Rei” means universal energy and “ki” the vitality that flows through all living beings. This technique, which was reintroduced by Japanese monk Mikao Usui, is neither a massage nor a religious belief. It is applied with the approach of the hands, or with a light touch, on specific points on the body, and stimulating vital organs, glands, chakras whilst channeling and balancing energies.

Amongst the many benefits of Reiki, it is most noticeably known for:

  • Dissolving physical and emotional tensions;
  • Combating stress;
  • Detoxifying of the body;
  • Enhancing relaxation;
  • Releasing somatic emotions and symptoms;
  • Cleansing mental patterns;
  • Calming nervousness and anxiety;
  • Activating emotional and physical natural healing.

Each treatment lasts 1 hour and, depending on the case, it is advisable to embark with a program of at least 4 sessions. Reiki is the promise of an incomparably relaxing and revitalizing experience.

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